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I'm going to have to stop calling out my two-fers, since it seems I'm always running to catch up these days .... but there's an excellent reason for that .... something to talk about later, when we have more time =;^)


We stand still in the darkness, our toes inching forward, trying to discover where the edge is.
These are the circumstances for much of our lives: poised and ready to leap, hoping to be leaping into light. In times like these, believe one thing above all: My wings will unfurl and I will soar.

Hung off a framework of Coyote Oldman songs, this deep ambient set features tracks from All India Radio, Chris Zabriski, Blu Mar Ten, Stray Theories, the magical Kygo remix of Ed Sheeran's I See Fire, amazing energy from Chris Zippel aka Genuine, and -- in the running for most beautiful piece of the year so far -- the closing tune from Hammock.

Special thanks to ThirdPower1  for the cover art and concept.

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



I Will Soar by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



And just before that dropped, there was another, in process for quite some time and interrupted by vacation:


Travel, like my recent vacation, can be absorbing or distracting, and the question is always: where to next? For some folks, of course, the greatest pleasure can be in the return home...

Home is where I found new songs from Afternoons in Stereo and Jhené Aiko (courtesy of GiantStep DJ) which became the seed tracks for this musical garden, where the path is winding and you never know what you'll encounter along the way.

At the core of this set are some classic downtempo tracks from Satgyan and Caia/Weekend Players as well as future classics from Bonobo ft. Fink, The Warheads, Anitek and Miles BonnyErykah Badu's Baduzim is also represented.  Respect to AiS also for the turn-on (via his Urban Modernists show) to the tracks from Yusef Lateef and David Holmes: they compliment his own tune and then up the energy as the set heads towards an emotional close.

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Along the Way by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


There's a little something extra for BeatConscious listeners with smart phones: for Android users, there's now a MmeFLY / BeatConscious app in the app store and it's FREE

Once installed on your smart phone, this app will take you right to the BeatConscious station on, where close to 75 shows offer a range of downtempo styles and sounds -- a show for every mood, and new ones always in the pipeline.  I hope you'll enjoy it!

But that's not all!  What would the end of the year be without a year-end wrap-up and retrospective?  If you are still in the mood for one, run down the page to the Best of Year list and see how the BeatConscious list does this year-end wrap-up.


The buzz is on

Previous Features: 


It appeared to be time for a higher-energy set and in order to get myself in the mood for that, I needed what they call "Dutch courage". So I had a pull from my magic potion hip flask and then settled in to see what would happen.... I started out flyin' (Amerigo Gazaway, Pstgrd, Chronic Sonata, Walkner Moestl) but eventually, just as you might expect, I found my glide path back down to love and serenity (Deniece Williams, STAC, Kool & the Gang, Miles Bonny & Brenk Sinatra, Groove Theory).

A very special thanks to The Third Power1 for making the brilliant opening track even better by the application of HIS magic potion.   (You can check out his brilliance in full flower on his Mixcloud stream: )

OK, now it's time for you to have a taste.... don’t forget to pass the flask along once you’re satisfied.


 Read on below for the rest of this update's new shows.....


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Hip Flask by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


And as for our double-down this time, here's the show from mid-August:


Thirteen: Not really old enough for the nightlife, but out running around in the street nonetheless, her summer nights destination, the teen club, some cinder-block building providing a dance venue for the local youth, the music, mostly R&B, spilling out into the parking lot, all the songs reflective in some way of the dancers' imperative to end up nestled together in one corner or another swaying in time to the music ... oh yeah.

I love the music, old and new, that helps me recreate those starlit nights, warm and close, when we're transported by music and the comfort of nestling with the one you desire ... listen in and maybe do a little nestling of your own.

Much respect to Dusted Wax Kingdom: music from among their many releases helped create the special vibe of this session.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Nestled by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


There may be folks out there who believe they've never been guilty of a thing, but if so, they are folks you don't want to meet: either they are impossibly upright, or they are telling a ridiculous lie.   

But not you, right?  There must be a little something you are not entirely opposed to revealing.  C'mon, you can tell me ... What's that little sin you've committed?  Loved the wrong one, loved them too much, put them ahead of your obligations, neglected your friends, avoided your chores, left your dishes in the sink ... wished for a reconciliation even when you knew you shouldn't?  Well, you wouldn't be the first and I'm pretty damn sure you won't be the last; don't let it keep you up at night.  Instead, relax with this reworked 2007 set of guilty-love tunes, mighty funk, and smooth nu-jazz to soothe the heart.

This set is half funk, half nu-jazz (and a few less-categorizable vibes inbetween) with stellar funk contributions from the Red Astaire / Freddie Cruger family of performers and their art while nu-jazz is represented by Afternoons in Stereo, The Warheads, Slop Shop and Skalpel.  Classics from Amy Winehouse, Worldwide Groove Corporation and Aim ft Kate Rogers round out the hour.

This RWRK's art comes courtesy of The Third Power (who is also responsible for the image gracing the cover of Immersion Therapy, featured below).  The curious can check out the original "Guilty" cover art and set-list here:

 Read on below for the rest of this update's new shows.....


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



I May Be Guilty - 2014 RWRK by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


And as for our double-down this time, here's late July's contribution:


Sure, there're days when you want to hear a thematic mix, one that hangs together like a bespoke suit and fits your mood to a T ... but then there are the days when you don't even know what your mood IS, much less how to find music that will charm you down out of your tree. 


Sounds like a job for freeform radio ... or what used to be called by that name.   Despite changes in playlist styles over the years, freeform persists ... because the internet lets radio be free once again.  Likewise, since the internet makes radio available to digital devices everywhere, all the time, we can be completely immersed in it if we like. 


Immersion therapy:  Because your moods persist, and music is medicine for your moods.  Therapists on duty for this session include Grooveblaster, The Sub Zero, Kaskade, Soil & "Pimp" Sessions, Neneh Cherry, Wax Poetic, Maya Jane Coles and more.  Come in and get comfortable, the treatment is about to begin.



If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Immersion Therapy by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



There are two ways to be in the flow: Caught up in it, tossed and tumbling, never quite able to get your footing ... or standing rock-solid amidst the motion, feeling the flow all around you, as though you were standing in the ship's bow, feeling the breeze brush past as you move forward.


The first way can be exhilarating and instructive; but the second way is where you find your center ... and that is the essence of chilling out.

From the seed track by Airstream to Moby's rework of the classic New Order song "Temptation" each element of this session is like a fresh breeze, caressing and calming.  Lean into it and chill with me.

Along the way, you'll hear Michael Brook, Carbor Based Lifeforms, Emancipator, Chris Zabriskie, All India Radio and B-Tribe, among others.

 Read on below for the rest of this update's new shows.....


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Feel the Flow by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


And as for our double-down this time, here's part II:


After talking music together for months, it was no surprise when their talk turned to action and they decided to "do it". This Deep House "relay" set resulted, showcasing the talent of both DJs ... we called it Do It With You.

MmeFLY runs the first leg of the mix, doing some inspired crate digging to get us to track 7, in her usual sophisticated manner. That's where she passes the baton to ThirdPower1, who runs the second and final leg from track 7 to the finish line. Your educated ear will appreciate the inspired complexity that marks his run.

The seed track for this collaboration was provided by the folks at Eighth Dimension, who offered an EP from the Thai Dust group. We chose Val De Mossa & DJ-Gotsoul's Pasadena ft. Surya. ThirdPower1 used both the original and the BDLX Remix, creating a seamless 4 min. overlap of both.

Artists on the set include The Amalgamation of Soundz, Royksopp remixed by Tom Middleton, and G-Pal, Maya Jane Coles, Bodhi, Phaeleh, Playless remixing CeCe Peniston, and more. ENJOY. 


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Do It With You - MmeFLY & ThirdPower1 by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


Of all the things your Life Coach loves to instruct you about, keeping your balance leads the list, perhaps because there are so many things you need to keep balanced: your life/work ratio, your emotions, your diet and your exercise schedule ...  But let’s take a lesson from the master of balance, Phillippe Petit: “You must not fall. When you lose your balance ... You must not force yourself to stay steady. You must move forward.”

Proper balance also improves music & while it's not something I often adjust, I'm impressed by the results when someone else does it well; as an example, I offer the Third Power’s "Sizzle" remix of Me'Shell NdegeOcello's "Call Me" near the end of the set – a track I believed was already quite fine becomes absolutely amazing as a result of his attentive rebalancing of the levels.   

But, wait!  There's more:  Benny Tones, Gramatik, J-Walk, Charles Webster, Rollercone and Monte La Rue appear, while Maxwell, Miguel and Timewarp inc all roll doubles.  And then there is the very fabulous Ms. Shirley Bassey with, as her name might lead you to expect, a bass-heavy rendition of the movie soundtrack hit "Love Story".

If I’ve got it right, this session should be walking that balance beam between gritty funk & moody downtempo, between sensuality & urgency.  By the time this hour is over, I hope you’ve found your balance, too.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Balance by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


Smooth sailing ... The phrase evokes calm seas, placid days, light winds and warm sunshine. These are the conditions that we yearn for when all around us, and perhaps within us, storms rage on. You may not be able to do much about the weather you find yourself in, but you can certainly try to adjust the weather within yourself ...

Here to help you moderate your mood and find your safe harbor are a raft of sweetly chilled tunes, smoothly downshifting from the opening energy of Quantic and cascading thru the delights of Grooveblaster, Marlena Shaw remixed by Akshin Alizadeh, a gorgeous rap from POETREE ft. Kimba & Jess Gibbons, as well as tunes from Evolve, Alex Cortiz, Paul & Price, Autopilot and more.

Come drift along with us ... Trust in your captain and feel that peace that comes with total relaxation.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Smooth Sailing by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud

And for a special treat, check out the rework of 2004's TripHop Retrospective, R U Out There, a chance to listen to some of the music that was triphop from the glory days before the term became tired from overuse. This set was first assembled in 2004 & by then it was already considered a retrospective of a musical style that had its peak in the late 90s. The current version eliminates 5 or 6 tunes & the transitions have been reconstructed to blend smoothly without altering the track BPMs (as the original mix did.)

The stars of triphop (Portishead, Morcheeba, Massive Attack, Tricky) are here, along with other EDM artists whose work occasionally had that same vibe (Amon Tobin, The Crystal Method, Bjork, Nenah Cherry.) Lesser knowns like User’s Atmosphere, RHC ft. Plavka and Freakpower in Dub bring the secret sauce that make this dish unique.

A decade plus seems like enough time will have passed so that the music sounds fresh again & these tracks may find new fans among those who didn’t catch triphop fever the first time around.

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



R U Out There by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud

OK, for now, though, the most recent (May 10) set is Easy to Love:  What makes someone easy to love? Oh, I know there's 100 answers to that question!  But some of those are answers to "What makes someone desirable?" and that's not our question today.


So:  All those things you have in common; the feeling, when you talk, that you've known each other forever -- and now you finish one another's sentences; when you embrace, it feels like coming home; when you catch each other's eye across the room, you lock on; it’s the feeling that you know and are known to another; you are recognized & you know you are loved. 


Music can be easy to love, too, for some of the same reasons: Walk into a place where the right music is playing, and you feel welcome, you feel like you've come home, like the music is playing just for you.  If you love House, you might just get that feeling here: Maceo Plex, Miguel Migs, Groove Armada, Saint Etienne, Disclosure, Kaskade & Joy Orbison remixing Lana del Rey.


Welcome home.

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Easy to Love by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


In addition, we had our lil' dub reggae bump on 4/20 (as one does) ... This session, Volume 10 of the Dub & Dubber series, is titled Rising: Quintessential Dub Reggae (and if you observed Easter on April 20th, note there's a tip of the bonnet to you, too.)  Spring is a fertile concept to pin cultural cues on: rebirth, regeneration, resurrection. A key time of year, recognized by man as significant from the earliest epochs, the rites of spring are powerful in every culture and spring itself embodies hope in virtually every society.

Rising reflects mankind's most basic hopes: for love, justice, peace and for harmony with the world around us ... this Dub & Dubber session offers uplift and deep thought from Ziggy Marley, Noiseshaper, Thievery Corporation, UB40, Dubmatix, Boozoo Bajou and more. A couple of these tracks amazed me, particularly the Eyesight Project's Imagination and the closing piece from Dubmatix, Nate Wize and Alton Ellis.

No matter where or how you observe the day, here's hoping you, too, find something to lift your spirits to their proper springtime levels.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Rising - Dub & Dubber Vol. 10 by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



Whether you like it or not, the weather rules you.  It determines whether and how much you have to eat, whether or not it is safe or easy to travel or even lie down at night to sleep, whether you can keep your home and workplace comfortable without spending a fortune on heat or A/C, and of course, for many people, it even manipulates their mood, making them intensely happy or crushingly sad.  Lingering Chill is a salute to the ever-present power of weather in our lives.


The seed for this set was the new Tycho release, Awake, and there's more Tycho goodness along the way; you'll also hear Rhian Sheehan in a Stray Theories remix, All India Radio, Afterlife, Emancipator, Afternoons in Stereo, Blue Crisp, H.U.V.A. Network, Jon Hopkins and more

Enjoy this lingering chill ... Later, when the heat is surging up at you from the pavement, and you'd give the world for some shade and a breeze, you'll look back on this with longing, whether you realize it now or not.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Lingering Chill by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud



The Inspiration for a new show came at me from all sides recently & you'll hear the results when you click PLAY. My friend, The Third Power (Thirdpower1) fielded a mix that really blew my fuses, introducing me to the phenomenal Him Self Her track from 2012, Gone Too Long; he paired it with the very delicious Back to Love & I've kept the concept intact, to honor his excellent taste in these matters.

Likewise, Twitter introduced me to the blazing Route 94 joint, My Love; I bought it & within minutes, it seemed, the good folks at GiantStepDJ comped out a three-version package … you'll hear both the extended edit & an instrumental reprise in this show: this tune's too good to play just once!

This “Love House” set completed itself with gems from Atjazz, Lisa Shaw, Plej, Rithma, Jii Hoo (Jori Hulkkonen), Mo'Horizons, Stac and others. My best suggestion would be: Listen with a friend, and may the music be an inspiration to you …


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Inspiration by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


Another Two-Fer Month ... Running just to keep up around here!

Most recently, there's been a new House mix, and it came about like this:  Usually I post a show & write about a theme the music embodies: Maybe something ripped from the headlines, maybe a new take on the eternal questions ... you guys have seen it all by now.  This time my theme centers on the pleasures of collaboration.  

It started with a tune I heard in The Third Power's Sunday T-Dance house mix.  One track (In the Club (dj mbuso deep rub) by Timmy Regisford ft. Lynn Lockaby) really grabbed me; the minute I heard it, my brain caught fire and I knew I had to build a show around it.  Once I had constructed the basic set, I took it back to my friend & asked him to listen and comment.  In response, I got a very detailed, thoughtful breakdown, including an absolutely brilliant suggestion for restructuring the sequencing at the end; I made those changes & damn if the mix didn't improve 1000%.  The set that resulted is a tribute to the power of two.


(And, yes, I did return the favor: if you'll check out his Flashback R&B Remix set, you'll hear that fantastic James Brown/Led Zeppelin mashup, Whole Lotta Sex Machine, one of the the most fun, most danceable tracks ever.)


After a long time in the cultural wilderness, such collaboration is like an oasis materializing in front of me, bringing me back to life.  I hope you'll enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed the process of making it.  If you check it out, you'll be hearing an array of house tunes, from the light jazzy work of Kevin Yost and The Rurals to the deeper, darker sound of Rodney Hunter, Maceo Plex remixed by Maya Jane Coles and, of course, that Timmy Regisford joint, as well as uplifting house from Scott Hardkiss and Lisa Shaw.  And more!  Of course!

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



The Power of Two by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud

That's March so far ... as for the second part of your two-fer, that was last week's set, wrapping up February, which like most of this year, has brought some brutally cold and snowy/icey weather to the land ... This winter that doesn't end gives us time to explore inside:

 The Cold Busted label keeps cranking out the collections; be grateful if the weather gives you plenty of time to rake thru their catalog in search of gems.  I'll give you a head start with 3 treasures, one each from 2014 and the past two years, from Green Street, 80s Casual and Astro Raph.


The opposite of new is ... well, the year 2000 for instance, when St. Germain was killin' it.  And you know, sometimes an act is so popular in its time that it gets played to death & the era ends with your certainty you'll never need to hear them again.  Certainly, time has to pass before you'd consider adding their tracks to a set ... This happened with me & St. Germain, to the extent that I didn't even rip Boulevard until last month.  Damn, it sounds good once again.


In addition, expect great music from Alex Cortiz, The Warheads, Charles Webster, Crash, Kovacs and more, including one more pass on the phenomenal Pretty Lights and their Finally Moving (James Brown remix) which sounds as urgent and compelling today as it did first time I heard it.


Finally, I recognize that Soul Coughing is not everyone's cuppa tea ... hell, their lead singer, Mike Doughty, was all over Twitter a couple of years ago, disavowing their early music, and while he may have recanted, I haven't seen it.  But lemme just say - if True Dreams of Wichita bewitches you, know that you are  part of a very select group --and that I'm pleased to meetcha.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Explore Inside by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


And that, my friends, is the early March update ... see you back here in a couple of weeks.

Like most everything in life, how you feel about Valentine's Day will reflect your ever-changing point of view:  Whatever's going on with you and your Numero Uno at the moment. Let's just agree that not every year's celebration will turn out to be the Olympics of Affection ... This BeatConscious show is dedicated to all the couples who aren't quite sure how they should be feeling this time around, reminding them that we are all, at one time or another, feeling our way through the mystery.

As for all those Valentines who are happily coupled, I salute you, and I trust you will enjoy the music presented here on its own terms.

For those who like a little extra context, and who recollect that the previous show was a team effort: this Valentines Day joint was Assignment 2 with my team-mate The Third Power, and the 'seed' track I selected for this one was the incredible Amerigo Gazaway mash of Mos Def+Marvin Gaye, Inner City Travellin' Man ... You can hear The Third Power's set here:  (I should point out that I used the Instrumental version of the Gazaway track, while my team-mate used the main track.)

In addition to that amazing seed track, there's also music from Remy Shand, whose reignited career reminded me to listen again to cuts from the first album; filling out the show are tracks from Ancient Astronauts, John Martyn, Paul Young, Nor Elle / Norman Feller, Pretty Lights and Sade, plus something new from Flashbaxx, courtesy of Eighth Dimension promo.  I note that a lot of these tunes were released in the early part of the aughts, mostly around 2003 ... that's why we include those years in what we speak of as The Golden Age of Downtempo ...

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Feeling Our Way by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


I find myself in catch-up mode once again: there are two new shows detailed below, the first of the 2014 season on BeatConsious:

Two of us started with the same track: Cards on the Table is where I ended up. You may want to visit the Mixcloud page of my counterpart, The Third Power  to hear the companion mix, Thinking of You, which is his version of the little challenge we set ourselves....

The "seed" track discovered by my team-mate was a reggae joint from Maureen Walsh, and after I'd laid in a couple more roots reggae tunes around hers, I found myself headed off in a somewhat different direction ... focusing on some exceptional new tracks, most notably the Poldoore joint Unconditional, some fairly thrilling remixes & the usual handful of gems from the crate including Red Astaire, Alex Kid, Yonderboi and Alice Russell, the end result is a genre-spanning flow that invites you to imagine what it would be like to -- in the words of Bob Marley's opening tune -- lay your cards out on the table.

Gratitude & mad respect to GiantStep DJ and the Cold Busted label for providing so many of these fine tunes, and to my team-mate for the challenge & concept

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Cards on the Table by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud

You may call it NuSoul or R&B Revival ... Or maybe just call it a groove. This meditation, Quiet Storm Tonight, took flight from the JBoogie edit of Smokey Robinson's Cruisin' (respect to Smokey for having one of the perennial Top 10 Quiet Storm jams to his credit, and a shout-out to Justin for his open-handed generosity in making these great remixes of his available.)

Equally influential is a full-on heart-tugger from Fantasia, which made Said the Gramaphone's Best of 2013 (and another shout-out to StG, for their invaluable recommendations and writing skills all year long.)

Add a little mid-period Maxwell sexuality, Mary J. Blige going deep in your mind & heart, a couple of tunes from STAC, and Paul Young representing for the blue-eyed soul contingent and you've got yourself a bumpin' good time. Remember to bring the heat now, y'all ... it's gonna be quiet-stormin' something fierce tonight.

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Quiet Storm Tonight by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


In addition to the new session detailed below, there's been a rework of a 2003 House Music set, Lazy Man's Groove, which you can also check out via the Mixcloud stream.  The set-list is here.


A large scale data restoration project may require spending lots of time contemplating your musical history -- that is certainly how it worked out for me; so this new session is a tribute to some classics from the Golden Age of Downtempo (1998-2004) that turned up during my project. I was amazed at the way the introductory bars of Digby Jones's Pina Colada or Jaffa's Sneakin' continue to affect me TO THIS DAY, a day well over a decade from the moment of our first encounter. This music endures.

Music, along with atmospheric light, is the most compelling trigger for memory that I know. For some folks, the mere whiff of cinnamon or pine brings Christmas memories flooding back in; in the same way, a piece of music will transport me to the time I first heard it. These tunes from the early 2000s take me back to a point when we were poised at the edge of a change we could not imagine, when everything was fresh and it seemed our hearts could expand forever.

A devotee of early downtempo will recognize the players here: Jaffa, Sven van Hees spinning St. Germain, Afterlife, Digby Jones, Charles Webster; if you're new to the game, rest assured that these are just a few from among the top 100 names of the era, and a good place to start for any who want to pursue the head-noddin vibe.


If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



The Golden Age by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


The Demands of Love: a Radio Programme of Varying Intensities.

Love itself is a programme of varying intensities, when you think about it. An army of emotions, most of which appear to be stronger than you anticipated, stands ready to overwhelm you. Your defenses evaporate; you surrender, and then begins the task of pleasing your captor. The experience will be both blissful & brutal & you will not stop until you have exhausted every resource. It's what love demands.

Just like relationships, this is one of those shows where people get loud (there was guitar work I couldn't resist) usually just before they get soft: a love rollercoaster. Along the way, you'll encounter newcomers Lorde, Foxes & Erik Hassle (listening to Erik is like hearing Prince for the first time, back in Purple Rain days.)

From the crate, please welcome back Jon Kennedy, Joan Armatrading, Hefner, Lemongrass, Eurythmics, and The Pahinui Brothers with their islands rendition of John Lennon's Jealous Guy. And more, of course. In love, there’s always more.

I should also note that the cover image is of an installation at the 2013 Miami ArtBasel event, and was posted by Twitter/Instagram user "Grumpy_banana" ... and I really couldn't resist it -- talk about 'giving it all you've got' -- this image really drives the point home!

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



The Demands of Love by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


The phrase "At sixes & sevens" is an old expression of uncertainty: each day we stand poised in not-knowing, uncertain of our role in creating our reality. It's not entirely scary; it's just open-ended. The philosophers know this state; in fact, here's one of my favorites, Hunter S. Thompson, commenting: "And there’s the crux. Is it worth giving up what I have to look for something better? I don’t know—is it? Who can make that decision but you? But even by DECIDING TO LOOK, you go a long way toward making the choice." This – the process of creating our own fate – is our enduring mystery & suspense.

So I start you out with a Hitchcockian thought on the subject & from there you are left with only a faint path to follow & no guarantees you’ll get home.

Along the way, you'll have the company of Gramatik, Krystian Shek, Bliss, Stray Theories, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Dub Sutra, Jeep Jazz Project, Madrid de los Austrias & more.

The best guides are the ones who give you the courage to find your own way.

And I want to just take this opportunity to shout-out to my fam, all the lovers and music lovers, for their amazomg! comments and conversation on the Is This Love page ( )  You guys know how to make mama proud!

If you're inclined to listen to this set, please click the PLAY > button in the widget below ... on demand radio courtesy of the fine people at Mixcloud:



Sixes and Sevens by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


And, for the season, don't forget the BeatConscious Christmas mixes are available for your enjoyment -- you can check them out on Mixcloud here: All Lit Up and here: SpiritusFLY

How do people know when "It's love"? You feel fine, you feel warm & warmly excited & then very excited indeed & then you peak, most likely, and then you fade back into the warmth ... Is this love? There’s no rush; consider your answer. In the meantime, it's also the shape of the show: sweet slow lounge with a bit of excitement at the center.
Lots of new music was waiting for me when I got back from vacation ... (Yay, vacation!) so the tilt is toward the new: with just a handful of exceptions, everything in the show is from 2013, with particular luv for both XLR8R & Soundcloud this time & a small network of hard-working artists like The Warheads, who keep me up to date ...
In addition to The Warheads, there are choice morsels from Giyo (and big up Dusted Wax Kingdom for the find) Chris Coco, Gary B, Lana del Rey, James Blake, The Grooveblaster & the new-to-me Face + Heel, Guy Andrews & Urulu.


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Is This Love by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


My D.C. roots foretold the foundational love I have for funk, soul, R&B and other expressions of Black music culture. I remember how as kids we gravitated toward the music that spoke to our souls long before we really understood the political and commercial realities driving what was available to us. In the D.C. suburbs of my youth, we had basically two radio station choices for contemporary music -- if you chose WEAM broadcasting from VA, you were choosing the country-tinged white pop music of the day (think Tommy James and the Shondells or Del Shannon), but if, like me, you listened to WPGC, broadcasting from the south-eastern suburbs of Prince Georges County MD, you grew up steeped in national soul music (James Brown, Gene Chandler, The Supremes) as well as the local DC variants like Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers.

If that’s the path you ended up on, the greatest treat for your ears these days is to find the modern practitioners of these arts, carrying on the tradition with nu-soul / R&B flavored releases. This show’s for you, and you'll find I'm serving up generous portions of the authentic soul sauce, starting with one of the most elegant and engaging mash-ups ever, the Erick Sermon / Marvin Gaye piece Just Like Music (dating from 2001, btw, in case mash-ups still seem like a new thing to you.)

You'll hear performances from the newer soul brothers & sisters, including Beyoncé, Akshin Alizadeh, Krystian Shek, Green Street, and Poldoore, who is represented by two tracks -- one of which, Faithful Man, is the driving wheel of this session.  Bridging the gap between the younger musicians and the established names like Mary J. Blige is a track from the live sessions for the Pretty Lights release A Color Map of the Sun, a project of both professional acknowledgement and personal growth from Derek Vincent Smith, moving from sampling blues and soul musicians to getting the men themselves in the studio with him to create new music.  And there's more: Quantic, Groove Armada, Benny Tones, Clifford Gilberto and a Jon Kennedy remix of Mucca Pazza ... and the list goes on (as you can see here: Speaking to My Soul.)

A shout-out to the Cold Busted label is in order -- they provided a number of the tracks in this set; major respect to the people keeping it real.


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It's two-fer time!  Yes, people, while you were distracted, going about your business (as one does) I took the opportunity to slip in a little extra treat for those who missed it the first couple of times around .... Let me explain. 

First compiled in the mid-90s, via vinyl and CD, as one did then, Adulthood Redux was one I was eager to remake in MixMeister when that opportunity came along. Sound handling in the early versions of MM was unkind to organic instruments, so when the software improved, another redo was in order, and this time I brought in a few newer selections as well. I had the chance to share this mix  with a friend, The Third Power, recently, and at his urging, I'm finally adding it to the BeatConscious stream.  Those of you who might have followed the stream since its earliest days on mmRadio, the late lamented MixMeister radio station, may remember this -- it certainly stood out amongst the trance, the house, and the rap that made up a great deal of the mmRadio sound. At the time, I was mostly interested in whether MM could handle this type of music as well as electronic dance music -- but I made it also because I simply love these sounds.  The session is crammed with classics and reworks by some stunning vocalists including Chet Baker, Betty Carter, Robert Palmer, Norah Jones, Cassandra Wilson and more. 

So whether this is familiar ground for you, or your first time, my suggestions are the same: grab your drink of choice and turn the lights down low -- here we have a few of the more distinctive voices of our time putting their stylistic stamp on jazz standards of infatuation, obsession, and heartbreak. 

And when you're done with this one, a second August session awaits you ... just continue scrolling down the page.

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So, when Dr. Ouija comes to town, his main purpose with me is prognostication: to point out the bleedin’ obvious, pull the covers off the trembling truth that's not quite ready for daylight & generally accustom me to sharing space with my hopes & wishes, instead of ignoring them in the belief that their patience will soon run out & they will follow.

So my buddy Ouija says, Play me a tune or two & I'll tell you how you're doing & I say, Oh I couldn't think of taking up your time like that. Ouija fixes me with that basilisk stare; he never lets me off the hook. After all, someone's got to keep things honest around here. He's willing to get into the muck & that's why he makes the big money. (Oh & that's why they call it Filthy Lucre: you have to get your hands dirty before you can have any.)

So ... figured I might as well get it over with, he's not leaving ‘til he's satisfied he's heard it all. Here's what I played for him. I'm pretty sure he wasn't bored.

Well, because we're virtually friends, I'm hoping you won't hold that terrible pun against me ... it got loose before I could stop it.  In any event, it nicely describes the general mood of The Prognosticator, bookended as it is by two a cappella exercises in the expression of longing, from Whitney Houston and Chromatics.  In addition, you'll hear the gorgeous voice of José James, new music from The Warheads and Lowb in a Synkro remix, as well as gems from the crate including Cinematic Orchestra, Moss, Weekend Players, Herbie Hancock in a DJ Krush remix, and (speaking of remixes) the insanely good Madlib take on a track from The Philadelpia Experiment.  Oh, and there's Rob Smith and Alice Perera holding it down in memory of Smith & Mighty, one of my earliest attachments in the world of the BristolUK sound.  All in all, a pleasing package, and one I hope you'll enjoy.

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The core of our existence, our situation here, is expressible as the Duality. It's in you & all around you; if you start making a list, you'll just never stop:

     Dark / Light
     Good / Evil
     Love / Hate
     Man / Woman
     Mine / Yours
     On / Off
     Alone / Together

You see what I mean, and you can just keep on going with your own....

In this session, the song that most completely captures this Duality is Maybe by Emeli Sandé, and that's also the point where the set goes from lyrical to instrumental, from emotional to dispassionate.

On tap here are favorites like Hefner, Everything But The Girl, Giyo, Sven van Hees, Afterlife and much more.  Along the way, you'll hear new music from Jon Kennedy, the man with the rhythm, whose uncategorizable style has been a favorite since the early days; from Maceo Plex comes the brilliant notion of remixing Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians into an evanescent house music concoction, a mini-duality all its own. And finally, from Banks, the crushing urgency of “Before I Ever Met You”. And there you are again: Before / after ... the Duality.


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Duality by Mmefly On Beatconscious on Mixcloud


It's the 3rd rail, the one you avoid at all costs ... This year, though, the day we celebrate our Independence in the USA appears to be a perfect opportunity to consider those 3rd rail topics that so often threaten to derail us: privacy & surveillance, wage inequality & universal health care, climate change, legalization of weed & same sex marriage ... You know what the issues are & you no doubt know where you stand on each one; if you don't, you should take a minute to figure that out. There is no way these things will fail to affect your life & you must grasp them -- that is, in fact, the price of freedom. Get up, stand up: Stand up for your rights.

The reggae poet best known in the US for expressing the soul at the core of these issues is Bob Marley. As befits an Independence Day session featuring his music, the focus is on songs of freedom & love -- because what's the point of freedom if you can’t share it with those you love?

This two-hour Independence Day special session, 3rd Rail Dub - Electrifying Roots Reggae, includes numerous remixes of Bob Marley's music, including offerings from Ziggy Marley, Fort Knox Five, RAC and a fabulously good Jason Bentley remix of Is This Love; these are all from the Legend Remixed set fielded by GiantStep DJ -- bless, you guys!  Also fully represented are selections from Dubmatix -- a central figure in the US dub scene, turning out consistently great roots reggae over the years ... and again: bless for the generosity in making the music available -- collabs with Nate Wize, U-Roy & Cornell Campbell, Eccodek and Manchez included.  Of course, no dub set is complete without an appearance by Thievery Corporation, and this mix meets that standard.  You'll also hear trusted names like Sofa Surfers (remixed by Richard Dorfmeister), Burning Spear, Boozoo Bajou and Tosca.  Newer contenders include Mojo Rising, DubSkin, Resonators, and Lance Herbstrong whose Legalize It remix/mashup closes out the set.  There's even space for outliers like Breakage on a deep dub remix of Justified

But without question, the crown must go to the Cottonbelly remix of Miguel Migs's epic track Fire.  Now *this* is some muscular reggae!   Fire is not only one of my favorite dub tracks of all time, but something of an anthem Chez FLY ... If I may just quote: 

Rasta will never retire
Keep burning the fire
'Til the wicked in time expire

Special two-hour celebration session - nearly 30 tunes.  Enjoy!


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This one's been cut from Soul Cloth and tailored to FLY perfection to suit your funky style ...


The session was assembled with special thanks to Eighth Dimension promo and the Cold Busted label for selections from Mister T. and Mojo Rising, and to Dusted Wax Kingdom for the Giyo tracks -- the vibe they suggested has been fleshed out with classics from Little Feat, The Funky Lowlives, Tosca, Smith & Mighty and a Funk Sinatra 're-dub' of a PreMeier tune. At the center of these funk exertions, time-out tracks from Cantoma and Rena Jones provide an opportunity to relax and catch your breath, but overall this is the kind of booty-shakin funky-steppin madness you won't want to stop.

Wrap yourself in Soul Cloth, the perfect cover-up for all this summer's déshabillé moments.



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Celebrating the onset of the rainy season ... which, this year in Florida, at least, went back on like a light switch soon as we hit June 1st.  It used to always be like that, reliable as a little egg-timer, but we'd seen it get off track over the past half-dozen years.  Now it's back in the groove, or at least, that's how it went this year. But from here on in, each year probably, we'll hold our collective breath while we wait to see how it goes, because whether or not the rains come on time says a lot about how it goes with mankind and with the world in general.  Rain is both a threat and a blessing, no matter where you are in the world; like love, it sometimes seems a necessary catastrophe ... And perhaps because of that, rain turns out to be a popular theme in music.

There's actually an impressive number of rain-referencing tunes out there (keywords like rain or storm or thunder or lightning cover most of it.) Even just limiting the count to those in my own modestly-sized crate amounts to quite a lot. As a result, it proved easy to impose the flow for this rain-themed mix, with plenty to choose from including long-time favorites like the Moodswings's Rainsong and Roxy Music's Rain Rain Rain, or reaching all the way back to the anthem rock of The Alarm's Rain in the Summertime.  Rain from The Beatles was an obvious choice, and good for me to hear again, since as a callow high schooler (when it first came out) I had little appreciation for Ringo's drumming, and now hear it as crisp, tight, and propulsively military on this track. There's equal goodness from Quantic, Esbe, Gavin Froome, Massive Attack, Yonderboi, the awesome Need a Name, jazzy breaks from Catalpa (Chika Asamoto & Gus Till), and the late, much-loved Scott Hardkiss recording as "God Within" on the epic track Raincry (Spiritual Thirst).  I can't think of a better way to close this session out. 

Florida. June. Rain. Themed mix --'nuff said: Go get wet.


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Your memory of this time will be a blur, a tangle of limbs & intentions, a recollection of sensation that crystallizes the events of this remembered scene into immobility, creating a profound silence, capturing everything that was with a photographic finality...

Your memory stays with me, etched into my mind & my nature. The experience of you changed me profoundly, altered my reality, but only these lingering memories now provide proof of the hours we spent together in love & anger, sadness & joy & hopefulness...

Your memory is failing, perhaps, but you can still summon up those times; all that's needed is a bit of music to be the magic carpet on which you fly over the memory landscape. Seen from up here, the details are faint but the view is so familiar, its contours comforting because you remember yourself traversing those rolling hills & darkening valleys & you see now that the making of your memories was the essence of that life ...


So you see what I did there, celebrating language along with memory: The idea that the phrase 'your memory' means different things depending on the context ... The memory you have of this time, the memory I have of you like a living picture in my mind, the activity of your brain that we refer to as your memory and which we barely respect until we feel it might be slipping away ... all this and more is rolled into the phrase 'your memory' ... complex and enticing as the content of the memories themselves, this is our connection to the world, the thing that anchors us in our life and time and in our personalities. 


Music you love becomes associated with the times you live through and acts as a cue to bring you back together with everything you felt about that time and place; it's both a treasure and the key to the treasure house.  An enduring concept here at BeatConscious, certainly, where music is the key to many doors.


Providing the music this time are Dusted Wax Kingdom regulars Jenova 7 and deeB, along with self-produced Afternoons in Stereo from the new album "5", and a couple of tracks from the Lounge Masters Vibe collection 3, featuring Rubber Lips and Ann Grace.  From deeper in the crate, Massive Attack, The Sushi Club, Carbon Based Lifeforms and others fill out the hour, making new memories for you out of old memories.

Memorial Day 2013



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2013 is turning out to be a good year for intricate, lyrically ambiguous, glitched-up tunes; several new favorites are included in Airlock Glitch, a selection provided in large part (6 of 15) by XLR8R via their monthly Top 20. Outstanding examples are the Synkro touch on the opening track, the James Blake feeling baked into the second tune, and a thematic restatement in the two closing tracks, remixes of Tythe by Lapalux and of The xx by KidSmpl as well as the Troy Gunner remix of Tropics. This tendency to glitch is balanced out by older tunes as well as straight-forward new offerings like that from The Cutler. You can check out the set-list here, or while you're listening via the streams from either Mixcloud (widget embedded below) or

The airlock metaphor is oddly attractive to me: it suggests the transition point between two possibilities: stepping out, alone in your suit, to be surrounded by the dead airlessness of space vs. entering the light & warmth of a ship stocked with everything that supports existence: food, water, companionship ... light/dark, warm/cold, life/death, awaiting your choice.

Because of course, adrift in space inside your suit, you may survive but you must do so without companions ... There's just you, alone with the unnerving silences and incalculable vastness of space, its absolute blackness made hyper-real by the brilliant pricks of light, the billions of stars that symbolize everyone else who exists, just ... without you. And while you certainly don't have to be an interstellar traveller to reckon with loneliness, it’s the abstractness of what we call ‘empty space’ that gives us such a potent symbol of an essential aloneness against which our world's teeming jostling humanity is measured, compared and defined.

Airlock also suggests the idea of a neutral, mechanical accommodation to our organic need … providing a space where we shelter, suspended between extremes, like Gully Foyle in his airless space locker, holding on because … well, because it’s the rare sentient being who would pop that faceplate open and willingly suck in the airless death of space ... We – most of us – hold on because it is coded into us to hold on, until we are smitten into oblivion ... Not to jump, in other words, but to be pushed.

It's an abstraction, this idea of death as the ultimate aloneness ... It's not imagined as extinction, mind you, not as ceasing to be (that's apparently not a category of thought humans have an easy time with) but as a sort of existential loneliness, a thing that you can feel, that there is still a “you” to feel. It’s especially attractive if you feel alone in the here and now ... You could find yourself toying with the idea that it mightn't be so bad; you might think: why not pop that faceplate open and let all the air and the life out in one whoosh, since I'm alone anyway -- how different could it be? Get carried away by the idea and you might get carried away to the other side before you know what you're about, before you recognize that there won't be any YOU left to appreciate whether it is, in fact, essentially the same as living human aloneness or not.

It's not, by the way. It is not, and on an order of difference that is the ultimate magnitude of difference that anything can be ...


(I said we'd go deep.)



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May Day brings Feather'sEdge, a smooth sweeping collection of borderline ambient / tender downtempo tracks bookended by two bittersweet songs by Nick Drake and Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield, each from the late 70s, each characterized by the pedal steel sound popularized by CSN&Y and the Grateful Dead nearly a decade before -- and special thx to @jeffnoon for remembering Expecting to Fly, a perfect expression of wistfulness.

You'll also hear a couple from Saru, one of which (Altitude) was unreleased at the time I received it and Discogs doesn't indicate that a tune of the same name was ever part of the released work...  In addition to these older tracks, there are new works from DJ SUN, Afternoons in Stereo, Poldoore, Gary B, Banco de Gaia and, from late 2012, Miranda Shvangiradze from the La Maison de Couture collection.  And, as always, there's more ...

So what does all this wistfulness reflect?  Possibly it expresses through music a spiritual philosophy I attempted recently to verbalize for a friend, one who is not yet quite as close as I am to that time when it's a good move to have thought these things thru, in anticipation of the next stage of the journey.  The idea is this:

We drift through life on the edge of a feather, floating, sailing, soaring as much & as high as we can. The creature that we are flies through an eternity of darkness until it has the good fortune to spy the bright window opening into the great hall that is life ... We enter into the glittering crowded hall & spend our long moment fluttering & gliding thru the room, trying to take it all in, trying to understand how there can be this place of light & warmth & the company of others like ourselves for even an hour in the emptiness of eternity. Somehow, with our eyes still on the mad life around us & our questions not yet answered, we find we've flown out an open window at the other end of the hall, back out into the featureless darkness, never to return.

We live our lives expecting to fly, when in fact we are flying all the time. We live craving paradise, unable to see that we are in it.

But of course, your mileage may vary ....

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Part 6 of the Dub & Dubber series, One Draw, was first produced in 2005; of the original 18 tracks, only about 1/3 made it into this year's 4:20 rework, but the new additions make for a smoother, more unified dub reggae experience.

The session title comes from the Taj Weeks & Adowa track Jagged, one of the original selections and a true modern dub reggae joint, created in the years after many Jamaican artists had gone deep into Dancehall; many of the other tracks in the original mix just skimmed the reggae style, relying mostly on their dub nature to rate inclusion ... so, goodbye to the Alex Cortiz tracks, the Hilltribe/Staple Singers mash-up, Silent Poets and Aural Float (I'll catch up with you guys later, some other place.)  In their stead are solid rock steady contenders from Aleksi Virta, Protassov, Thunderball, International Observer and an epic Bill Laswell remix of Bob Marley's Rebel Music.  The Noiseshaper tracks stay, along with the Aggrovators, Autopilot and more.  And finally I find a home in this set for the classic Ken Boothe tune Everything I Own, tugging hard on the heartstrings.

On any day that calls for a little psychological relief, step outside the tempest for an hour and indulge your need to relax your mind and your body. Soon enough, you can charge back into the fray ... But for now, just one draw.

Of course, if you want to make a day out of it, you can check out the other half-dozen releases in the Dub & Dubber series featured on the Dub Style page  ... and you'll find many of these sets already available for streaming/downloading via the MadameFLY show on
or on Mixcloud.

One last note:  April 20th is also celebrated as Record Shop Day ... support your local record shop.

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On behalf of all creatures of flesh and blood for whom the cold is a discouragement, I conjure this tardy Spring: Return the warmth!

It's been such a long winter, some places are still struggling with snow on the ground -- here's an attempt at enticing Spring to return: gathering together some of the reliably warming tracks from Downtempo's Golden Age, along with newer tunes that generate some heat of their own, hoping I can free you to throw off the covers and feel the sun on your skin once again ...

Among the special tracks gathered here like fuel for a fire are classics from Projections, Silent Poets, Troublemakers, Roxy Music, Bliss and Coldcut's epic Autumn Leaves remix. Recent releases are represented by a track from Bonobo's gorgeous 2013 set, The North Borders, as well as lovely covers from Adele and from Piers Faccini, Camille and Dom La Nena with a stunning version of the Nick Drake classic, One of These Things First.

Come here, sit close, and listen: Soon you'll stop your shivering. Spring is here again - let's revel in it.


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It's all about winning, isn't it? Unless it's actually about how to surrender ... Gracefully, invitingly, convincingly. Yeah, baby, whatever you say.

Perceptive listeners will note there's a handful of Jon Kennedy tracks this time, which makes this session not exactly slavish but possibly a bit fawning. No matter, it’s all in good spirits in order recognize a really impressive career spanning the past dozen years or more and still going strong. Big up, Jon!

While I'm recognizing others (and even though he's not part of this show), let me aim a hat-tip at the NPR piece on jazz giant Todd Dameron, who they've quoted saying: "I try to make it flow. Try to make everything go — you know, it's just like reading a book. It's a regular story. You just can't have one idea and jump to another one. I try to make it flow coherently." We're all story tellers, at one level or another, even if we're not all offering a happy ending.  And, though you may not think of surrender as a happy ending, believe me when I tell you, it has its up-side,

In addition to the three tracks by Jon Kennedy, you'll hear a couple of new selections off the Vessels 02 collection from Future Astronauts, a release suggested to me by Stray Theories, a reliable source for news of new ambient/electronic/experimental sounds.  The session starts out on the jazz tip, with a fine piece of work from Lake Street Dive -- who also get set naming honors, the show title having been pulled from their lyrics.  Jazz is also honored through a track from collaborators Mark Isham and Art Lande from the late 80's release, We Begin.  There's also fine music from DJ Vadim, Hubtone, Bliss, and more.

Of course, in the end it's your decision to make ... but I'd strongly recommend surrender.

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Maybe love, or our celebration of it within the context of Valentine's Day, is like body surfing some huge ocean waves.... You struggle out from shore, working against the fierceness of the surf, hoping to keep from going under. You succeed in catching a wave, and maybe, just maybe, it's the perfect wave ... or at least, that's how you'll remember it in the future. You catch this wave, you ride it in -- in fact, it's the ride of your life and, remarkably, you don't drown: you make it to shore, completely, happily spent.

Postlove is you, after your monumental push to make this thing happen ... lying in the stream of experience and letting it wash over you ... there on the sand, the short foaming wavelets curling around you as you catch your breath, taking a quick inventory, and, though you may be tender, you find no bones broken.

Postlove. It's you, soaked in the sensation, alive to tell the tale.

To speed your recovery from all the Valentine's Day excitement, this session brings the calming influences of All India Radio, Joan Armatrading, User's Atmosphere, Wax Poetic & Norah Jones in a Thievery remix, all from the crate; I've added some new tracks in the same vibe, from Aligning Minds and Need a Name in a Stray Theories remix, as well as last year's stunning contender Rhye, which had people thinking Sade might finally have some competition; when the new release hits, we'll know whether that blissful dream's coming true....  And of course there's more.  There's always more ....

In the meantime, relax ... you've earned it.

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Here I am tugging on your sleeve again, asking you to pay attention to the possibility of love. I'm a bit early (or possibly late) for Valentine's day -- can you forgive me?

Important question, since (and here is an important bit of LoveLore) so much of love is simply forgiving the other person for being who they are when they aren't frontin' ... forgiving them without *actually* forgiving them because, you know, ‘forgiving’ implies judgment. So I guess that's really what we call acceptance. Here is the person, here's what they feel, what they believe, the way they look and speak and act. You cool with that?

Deep Love, fine love
Shy love, suspicious love
Fleeting love, lasting love
Crazy love, long-distance love
Reluctant love, forgiving love
Cautious love that searches out the perfect moment
Fresh love, true love
Whispered love, silent love
Tender love, easy love
Trembling love, brutal love
Wise love, shameless love
Reckless love in a headlong rush to surrender

Every kind of love, some for each of us.

By the same token, this Valentine's session is every kind of music (within my downtempo universe) -- the very new represented in the Rihanna/Mikky Ekko duo as well as new remixes of Norah Jones and the Daley re-rub of Remember Me (both courtesy of the GiantStep DJ promo folks, keeping me fresh) and Solange, who showed up on the 2012 Said the Gramaphone "best of" list with this track "Losing You".  At the other end of the time spectrum, I've blown the dust off a couple of tunes from Joan Armatrading, cause nobody does love stuff like Joan, and the classic Cassandra Wilson remake of Neil Young's Harvest Moon.  And The Zombies take me back to my musical beginnings with Time of the Season.  Filling the in-between spaces are tunes from Red Snapper, Thievery Corporation, Jon Kennedy and The Sea and Cake, among others.

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On Jan. 11, 2013 word filtered thru Twitter of the death by suicide of Aaron Swartz (#aaronsw), an outcome, at least in part, of his persecution by the US DOJ on copyright violation charges. I didn't know this man personally, but it was impossible to miss how loved & respected he was; Air became a meditation, a reflection on that outpouring of love & respect & profound loss.

All India Radio, Hammock, Emancipator, Moby, Olafur Arnalds, Blue Bliss -- these artists all offer songs of gravity commensurate with the urge to create a memorial; even the Ryan Adams tune repositions itself emotionally in this context.  A note about the choice of the Keith Jarrett track that closes out the set ... Biting intelligence, free-ranging emotion, complexity and courage are the things I encounter when I hear this piece. And these things are also what his friends and acquaintances saw in Aaron. Altho' the Koln piece conveys a measure of sorrow, there is also a refusal to settle for that, there's an insistence on the spirit's ability to soar above. And that's what I wish for all who were close to & touched by Aaron.

In addition to posting this memorial, I'd like this page also to offer an opportunity for you to learn about the circumstances of Aaron's choice, so you'll find there all the links I've gathered in the days since I first got the news.  There's much to be learned here, about copyright law and it's abuse, about the abuse of federal prosecutorial power, about what it means when a worldwide community of thinkers and makers and doers holds a man in enormously high regard.  Please find a moment to spare for reading some of the linked material; the future of how you will be able to use the internet is probably suggested there, as well as thoughts and personal reflections about Aaron Swartz.


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