Having been a hardcore reggae fan and a devoted listener to the Dr. Dread show in my D.C. days, there was no question I would be drawn to the Dub stylee when I discovered electronic dance music ... long before I had become a MixMeister, I had created numerous mix-tapes featuring the sound ... here is the original write-up for this page:

Dub is the ur-Reggae, and there are many fine compilations devoted to it (e.g., Burning Towers of Dub on Rhino.)  What keeps on surprising me is how much excellent present-day dub and dub-influenced stuff is out there on music sites like  The Bone Thing dub sets span the range of variations on dub that populate music now.

Well, of course, the website is no more, but that doesn't mean that Dub fell off the face of the earth ... numerous practitioners such as Noiseshaper and Doctor Echo are keeping the flame alive, as are the many MadameFLY dub mixes, now part of the Dub & Dubber series ...

Page update in August 2010:  Since the Dub & Dubber series seems to warrant a new addition on at least an annual basis, it seemed handy to gather all the existing dub set-lists in one place … something only a nerd could love, or so you might suppose.  But there's useful info here:  the artists who reappear from mix to mix are clearly on a streak, at the very least, and quite likely to be worth checking out independently, depending on your appetite for new music.  Complete info, including the album title and year of release (where available) can be found on the set-lists archive page elsewhere on the site.


ILLEGAL DUB - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 1 - JUL 2004 Dub & Dubber, Vol. 2:  Foundation Dub (2004 Rework) - JUL 2004

Thievery Corp: 2001 Spliff Odyssey
The Orb: Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass II)
Swayzak: Illegal
Renegade Soundwave: Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Remix)
Subsonic Head Dub: FiveFour Mix
Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk: Dubdope
Thunderball: Chronic Dose
Dead Can Dance: The Snake and the Moon
Danny Tenaglia / Crescendo: Cairo
Tosca: Doris Dub
Leftfield: Original (Live Dub)
Thunderball: Ambassadors of Style
Dub Funk Association: Love So Strong


I Will Follow You [Souka Nayo]: Baaba Maal 
Under My Sensi (Thievery Corp. Remix): Thievery Corporation 
Sexelevatormuzik: Avatars of Dub 
Feel What You Know [Smith & Mighty Remix]: Big Muff 
Basic Brian: James 
Hijack: Thunderball 
Believers: Smith & Mighty / Tammy Payne 
The Foundation: Thievery Corporation 
Transmisson Central: Rockers Hi Fi 
The Moon, the Sky: Thunderball 
LikeThis: Sequel 
Ghost Train (instrumental): kmotiv 
Love Dub: Ras Command 
Transcendence: Thievery Corporation 
35 Summers: Madnomad 
Same: Smith & Mighty / Tammy Payne 
Seatbelts: Roland From Poland 

Funktional Dub (This was the original Dub & Dubber Vol. 2)

Smith & Mighty feat. Tammy Payne: Same
Groove Armada: Chicago
Tosca: Gimmi Gimmi
Big Muff: Feel What You Know (Smith & Mighty Remix)
Sequel: Like This
Thunderball: Hijack (Thievery Corporation remix)
Smith & Mighty feat. Tammy Payne: Believers
James: Basic Brian
Rockers HiFi: Transmission Central (Thievery Corporation remix)
Thunderball: The Moon The Sky
Madnomad: 35 Summers
Shantel: Azulee
Thievery Corporation: Transcendence
Roland from Poland: Seat Belts

 I and I Dub Stylee - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 3 - JUL 2004 Tribulation Dub - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 4 - JAN 2005

Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk: Yimtrop
Funky Porcini: Dubble
Dubcreator: Mystic Dub Special
Smith & Mighty: Accept All Contrasts
Subsonic HeadDub: Harder They Come Dub Mix
Sequel: One Style
Finley Quaye: Supreme I Preme
Jawoosh: Step Up
Thunderball: Prime Minister
UMAX: Innerspace
Wai-Chi: Don't Know
Thievery Corporation: Incident at Gate 7
Finley Quaye: Even After All

I Think It's Going To Rain Today: UB40
Visions: Sanchez Dub
The Only Redeemer: Noiseshaper
Madurai: Banzai Republic
Honey (Kieser Velten Dub): Tosca
AF Study II: Aural Float
Tempest Dub: Stewart Matthewman
The Dub and the Restless: Sonic Boom
Love Soul: Zion Lockwood
Who's The Badman: Dee Pattern
London: International Observer
Bad Days Dub: Scientist
Rigby Reggae: Loo & Placido
Rougher Dub [Lionheart Mix]: The Rootsman
Far East Dub: Black Uhuru
Blue Sky: doctor echo
Safe from Harm [Just a Groove Dub]: Massive Attack

This set got a rework in June 2012 -- see below


Witness My Dub - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 5 - FEB 2005 One Draw - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 6 - OCT 2005


Antivitrolles dub: High Tone
On the Dubble: DJ Krush
Teardrop [Mad Professor Mazaruni Vocal Mix]: Massive Attack
Ain't No Sunshine: Azul Project / Stryke
Slow Roll: PC Synergy
Passion: Doctor echo
The Way of the Explosive: Finley Quaye
The Carrier: Brian Eno / David Byrne
Andub Head Yudu: Grant Phabao
She is: Yaziko
Cool this dub: Tappa Zukie
Liberation Dub: G-Corp
I Don't Know: Smith & Mighty featuring Alice Perera
Eternal Feed Back: Massive Attack V. Mad Professor
Can I Get A Witness (Thievery Corp Remix): Sofa Surfers
The State of the Union: Thievery Corp
Infusion (Bombay Mix): Adham Shaikh
Protection [Album Version]: Massive Attack

This set got a rework in Sept. 2012 -- see below


Tsetse Fly: Hi Tek Steppas
Going Away: Hilltribe vs. Staple Singers
Jah Jah Dub: Aggrovators
Back on track: Alex Cortiz
Perspectives (Life In Dub Remix): Aural Float
Jagged: Taj Weekes and Adowa
Good enough pt.1 (feat Farda p): Noiseshaper
Sugar Man Dub: Silent Poets
Dubfire: Adham Shaikh
Untitled One: Autopilot
Room 505: Alex Cortiz
Dunk: Noiseshaper
Orderliness, Godliness, Discipline and Dignity: African Head Charge  
Foundation (Equipment From Dubwise): Silent Poets
Rebel Music (Dub Mix By Bill Laswell): Bob Marley
Jah dub (feat Kwasi Asante): Noiseshaper
Beans And Rice Dub: Mad Professor
Chant: Zion Judah

Check out the 2013 Rework of this set, below


Dubfounded - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 7 - AUG 2007

Dub & Dubber 08: 2008:04:20:Dubset - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 8 - APR 2008

Natural Dub (12" Mix): Manasseh
Welcome to Jamrock: Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley
This is life ( Magic Dub ): Dubblestandart
Gift Of Dub: Rootical Sound Featuring Ruffscott
Kathmandu Dub: Mad Professor
Only Dub: Chris Coco
Wailing Wall Dub: Funk Sinatra
Bario Alto: Thievery Corporation
Honey (Only Child Dub): Tosca
Grinning In Your Face feat. Doug Cox/Todd Butler/ Ruthie Fost: Dubblestandart
A Guide For I And I: Thievery Corporation
Dunk: Noiseshaper
There's Nothing Dub: Jhelisa
Return From Planet Egalica (Freedom Satellite RMX): Dubblestandart
Dig It: Kalahari Surfers
From Creation: Thievery Corporation


Rumble: Link Wray & His Ray Men
Inside (Dorfmeister Vs. Uptight): The Funky Lowlifes 
Kung Fu Fighting feat. Carl Douglas ( Hongkong Harbour Dub ): Dubblestandart
Dirt,Dust&Sand/Dubactivist Mix: Dubmatix feat. Treson
Lava: Boozoo Bajou
Angels Fly feat. Noa More: Dubblestandart
Fire_Cottonbelly Remix: Miguel Migs
Rize Up: Subatomic Sound System
Under My Sensi (Thievery Corp. Remix): Boozoo Bajou
Evil E: Noiseshaper
Valldemossa (Edson Arantes do Nascimento ´Pele´ Mix): Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias
Artificial Love: Dubblestandart
Holographic Universe: Thievery Corporation
Subatomic Lounge Dub: Subatomic Sound System
10,000 Years: Govinda
Waves and Sun (African Mix by R. Dorfmeister): Professor Oz


Elemental Dub - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 9 - AUG 2010 Upstanding Dub  - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 10 - August 2010

Babylon Dub: G-Corp
Dub Righteous: Messian Dread
Peace & Love - Featuring Linval Thompson (Nate Wize
 - Introspective Steppers Remix): Dubmatix meets Nate Wize
Painful Dub: Sonic Boom Featuring Tamara
Breakin Up Is Hard To Do: G.Corp
Abiajh: DJ Krush 
Dub of Understanding: Monk Fly
The Raft (7-Inch Radio Edit): Fat Freddy's Drop
Rigby Reggae: Loo & Placido
I Think It's Going To Rain Today:
On The Dubble: DJ Krush
Originality feat. Sister Nancy: Thievery Corporation
El Cielo feat. Bajka : Radio Citizen
Ain't No Sunshine: Stryke
Everything changes [070 bpm]: Athome Project
Chrome Optimism w/ David_Lynch & Lee Perry (radio mix): Dubblestandart


Heavenly Sweetness (Thievery Corporation Remix): Better Daze 
Dub in Me Hand: Dubmatix
Coming In from the Cold (12'' Mix): Bob Marley
Bend Down Low: Martha Velez
The Only Redeemer: Noiseshaper
Dub To Go (Ancient Astronauts Remix): Kabanjak
Johnny Too Bad - 12inch: John Martyn
Johnny Too Beef: Mos Dub
Monster: Saffrolla
Chase The Devil: N.A.S.A.
Peace & Love ft. Linval Thompson (Nate Wize - 4 On The Floor Remix): Dubmatix meets Nate Wize
Riddim & Culture ft. Richard Underhill: Citizen Sound
The 12th Planet Dub: Thievery Corporation
So many ways: Gelka
Come On In: Martha Velez
Baby We've Got A Date (Rock It Baby): The Wailers
Mellow Mood: Julie Crochetiere
Fætter Dub: Banzai Republic
A Warning_(Dub) ThieveryCorp
Could You Be Loved (12'' Mix): Bob Marley

Unfettered Dub - Dub & Dubber, Vol. 11 - July 2011
Tribulation Dub - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 4 - RWRK JUN 2012


01. OneStyle: Sequel 98.3 4:45 1997
02. Supreme I Preme: Finley Quaye 89.8 4:59 Maverick A Strike 1997
03. Step Up: Jahwoosh 96.9 5:27 1997
04. Prime Minister: Thunderball 84.0 6:02 Ambassadors of Style 2000
05. Original: Leftfield 86.0 6:22 Leftism 1995
06. Transmisson Central: Rockers Hi Fi 120.0 4:46 Abductions & Reconstructions 1996
07. Dub Anthem: Doctor Echo feat. The Storytellers 117.4 3:12 Dub Sac 2007
08. The Moon, the Sky: Thunderball 160.2 5:09 Ambassadors of Style 2000
09. Tocame (instrumental dub): Dublex Inc 130.0 5:16 Tocame CDM 2003
10. Love Dub: Ras Command 120.0 6:56 Dubterreanean-Roots and Beyond 1996
11. Love So Strong (In Dub): The Dub Funk Association 116.0 2:59 Dubterreanean-Roots and Beyond 1996
12. He's the Master: Sanchez Dub 116.0 5:18 Sanchez Dub E.P. 2006
13. The Snake and the Moon: Dead Can Dance 112.1 6:11 Spiritchaser 1996
14. Dance on Vaseline: David Byrne 111.0 5:36 Abductions & Reconstructions 1996
15. Perpetual Dawn [Ultrabass II]: The Orb 102.9 6:14 U.F. Off: The Best of Orb [CD 2 of 2] 1998
16. 2001 Spliff Odyssey: ThieveryCorp 93.0 5:06 Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi 1996


01. Visions: Sanchez Dub 95.0 4:00 EP 2007
02. The Dub and the Restless: Sonic Boom 90.0 5:43 Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions, Vol. 3 2001
03. Tempest Dub: Cottonbelly 84.7 5:02 Dub Selector 2001
04. AF Study II: Aural Float 108.0 6:26 Perspectives 2001
05. Love Soul: ZION LOCKWOOD 125.0 8:47 Jazzy June EP 2004
06. The Only Redeemer: Noiseshaper 123.3 6:06 Dub Selector 2001
07. Who's The Badman: Dee Patten 131.9 3:54 React Test Eight 1998
08. London: International Observer 127.1 4:33 Richard Dorfmeister Presents A Different Drummer Selection  2003
09. Bad Days Dub: Scientist 129.7 4:17 Scientific Dub 1981
10. Rougher Dub [Lionheart Mix]: The Rootsman 150.0 6:59 Dubnology, Vol. 1 (2 of 2) 1995
11. Far East Dub: Black Uhuru 144.1 3:22 This Is Reggae Music from A to Zion (1-2) 1997
12. Blue sky: Doctor Echo 157.4 4:05 doctor echo 2004
13. A Gentle Dissolve: Thievery Corp.157.9 2:48 The Cosmic Game 2005


EyeWitness Dub - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 5 - RWRK Sep. 2012


One Draw 4:20 RWRK - Dub  & Dubber, Vol. 6 - RWRK Apr 2013


01. Brace Yourselves (RAM's Reggae Mix): Ramin Sakurai ft Elan 105.0 4:02 [GIANT STEP DJ PROMO] Brace Yourselves Remixes 2012
02. Antivitrolles dub: High Tone 153.3 3:58 Bass Température 2001
03. On The Dubble: DJ Krush 145.8 4:36 Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions vol.3 2001
04. Slow Roll: PC Synergy 156.0 3:49 Unreleased 2002
05. Passion: Doctor echo 159.6 5:04 doctor echo 2004
06. The Outernationalist: Thievery Corporation 160.0 3:30 The Richest Man In Babylon 2002
07. The Way of the Explosive: Finley Quaye 152.6 4:44 Maverick A Strike 1997
08. Drunken Master: G-Corp 156.1 4:15 Dub Plates from the Elephant House 1999
09. Andub Head Yudu: Grant Phabao 117.4 7:24 Dub Selector 2001
10. She is: Yaziko 128.0 5:36 Elegant Moves 2003
11. Cool this dub: Tappa Zukie 142.1 3:28 In Dub 1986
12. Liberation Dub: G-Corp 124.2 5:00 Richard Dorfmeister Presents A Different Drummer Selection 2003
13. Eternal Feed Back: Massive Attack V. Mad Professor 90.0 6:18 Dubnology, Vol. 2: Lost in Bass (1 of 2) 1996
14. Saying Save The World: Roykey 156.1 5:52 Cafe De Luna 2003

Original 2005 version above


01. Whirlwind pistols dub: Aleksi virta 87.0 3:12 ..meets torsti 2004
02. Jah Jah Dub: Aggrovators 86.4 3:38 TROJAN DUB BOX 1 DISC 2 - 06
03. Jah dub (ft Kwasi Asante): Noiseshaper 83.9 5:32 The Signal 2003
04. Jagged: Taj Weekes and Adowa 118.2 5:44 Doubt 2005
05. Good enough pt.1 (ft farda p): Noiseshaper 119.8 6:04 The Signal 2003
06. Butterfly Dub: Protassov 98.0 4:24 The Next Chapter 2006
07. Untitled One: Autopilot 120.0 3:22 Autopilot 2003
08. Vibrations: Thunderball 91.0 4:23 Scorpio Rising 2001
09. Vale: International Observer 89.0 6:12 Barcelona In Dub 2004
10. Everything I Own: Ken Boothe 151.3 3:51 Reggae Classics 1989
11. Its A Long Road: Funki Porcini 144.0 3:36 Space_Night_Vol_9 2003
12. Rebel Music (Dub Mix By Bill Laswell): Bob Marley 148.3 10:19 Dreams Of Freedom 1997
13. Planetary Deadlock (Richard Dorfmeister's Belevedere Dub): Beanfield 89.9 5:47 Beanfield 1997


3rd Rail Dub - Electrifying Roots Reggae - Two-hour Independence Day 2013 special!

01. Redemption Song (Ziggy Marley Remix): Bob Marley 118.5 3:54 [GIANT STEP DJ PROMO] Legend Remixed 2013
02. Duppy Conqueror (Fort Knox Five Mix): Bob Marley & The Wailers 95.0 3:45
03. Reaching Out ft. Ranking Joe (Nate Wize Reaching Out Remix): Dubmatix meets Nate Wize 109.0 4:51
      Dubmatix meets Nate Wize "Renegade Remixes Vol 1" 2010
04. Freedom Fighter (Dr. Israel Remix): DubSkin 163.8 4:33 Rewind From Fear The Remixes 2012
05. I And I Survive Burning Spear 146.1 3:51 Garvey's Ghost 1976
06. Justified (Dublic 'Summer' Edit): Breakage Ft. Erin 140.0 4:24, 2010
07. Gold Dub: Resonators 138.0 3:21 Gold Getter 7" Single 2011
08. Assault on Babylon: ThieveryCorp 95.0 4:25 Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi
09. Apocalypse Dub: Messian Dread 142.1 5:29 MESSENJAH DUB 2000
10. Fire (Cottonbelly Remix): Miguel Migs 100.0 5:37 Those Things (Remixed) 2008
11.A Guide For I & I: Thievery Corporation 115.7 3:49 Rare Tracks 2001
12. Hum: Autopilot 107.0 4:35 Autopilot 2003
13. Word (Dubwise): Chris Coco 116.0 3:00 Word
14. Dread Reckoning Dub: Dubmatix 132.8 4:06 Renegade Rocker 2009
15. Blaze Up: Mojo Rising 88.0 4:05 In Dub 2 2013
16. Bodhichitta dub (Nate Wize Super Moon mix): Eccodek 100.0 5:02 Remixtasy 2011
17. She's in Love (Featuring U-Roy & Cornell Campbell): Dubmatix 145.1 4:13 Rebel Massive 2013
18. Is This Love (Dubmatix Reversioned): Bob Marley 137.3 4:53 Kaya 2009
19. Boss on the Boat: Tosca 100.0 6:03 Suzuki
20. Divers (Funky Lowlive's Low Immersion Dub): Boozoo Bajou 109.0 5:34 Divers 2010
21. Could You Be Loved (RAC Remix): Bob Marley 98.9 4:04 [GIANT STEP DJ PROMO] Legend Remixed 2013
22. Surrender All (J-Boogie Remix): DubSkin 145.0 5:57 Rewind From Fear The Remixes 2012
23. Is This Love (Jason Bentley Remix): Bob Marley 122.0 6:10 [GIANT STEP DJ PROMO] Legend Remixed 2013
24. Voices have eyes (Dubmatix Cinematic Dub mix): Eccodek 100.0 5:09 Remixtasy 2011
25. Free Up (Featuring Manchez): Dubmatix 125.0 4:05 Rebel Massive 2013
26. Sofa Rockers (R. Dorfmeister Mix): Sofa Surfers 97.3 4:57 Your Lounge Your Music 2003
27. Legalize It (Peter Tosh x Sublime x Lance Herbstrong Remix): Lance Herbstrong 160.0 4:20 2012

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